How to get abs? This is the most prevailing, in demand question these days. ‘Dear abs: I may not see you, but I feel you brewing something serious. Can’t wait to finally meet you. I promise to show you off as often as I can’. This line is somewhat the wish of the aspirants who when get started with the workout. So, if you’re really interested to know how to get abs workout or how to get six pack; then just read our blog and follow below-mentioned tips for abs and tips for six packs so that you know what all things are needed in food and exercises to get six packs.

Ways to Get Abs in Short Period of Time

The muscular body is something which most fascinates and catches the eye of any person. Muscular, spectacular and bachelor is the in-demand factor which is about 80% point of attraction of guys or a fact to attract a girl. The same principle applies for girls also, the girls who possess the good physique and maintained body are usually most attractive. A well-maintained body is not necessary just for good looks but also a healthy body.

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When somebody heads towards the workout plan then according to its desire; is acquainted with so many questions like how to get abs fast or how to get six pack abs? In our article, we would make you familiar with the six packs tips and six packs exercise as per your calibre and desire which would help you to be an ‘apple of the eye’ and become fit. Therefore the simplest tips are as follows:

How to get abs in a month or how to get six pack in one month?

First of all, you need to be careful about your eating habits; such as:

  • Avoid processed food, alcohol or beer, wine etc.
  • Also, limit your intake of fruits and dairy products; as it adds sugar and extra calories.
  • Eat about four to six ounces of about lean protein such as that of eggs, chicken breast, and white meat.
  • Have lots of fibrous vegetables and salads.
  • Limit the grain intake and incorporate in your diet the oatmeal, nuts etc.

How to get abs in a month or how to get six pack in one month

Now coming back to the exercise part; follow the activities you need to perform –

  • Plan for about 30-60 minutes of cardiovascular activity for most of the days of the week. Perform the sessions at regular intervals and by taking a minute or two breaks in between the exercises.
  • Do the strength gaining exercises for about 4 to 6 times a week, focussing on different parts of the body. For example, on the first day, you could do- pull-ups, push-ups, curls and triceps. On next day you could go for legs, squats, lunge variations etc. On the next day, you could sway with the core workouts.
  • You should train up all your muscles; if you’re a beginner then you can initiate with crunches, cobra etc and as you get well in that you can head to the advanced one like bicycle crunches, hanging legs etc.

Following the above-mentioned tips, you could know how to get six pack abs in a month. Hope now you are familiar of how to get six packs in one month now. Although there are various guides, tutorials and information available on how to get six pack abs or how to get six pack abs in 30 days. But the above-mentioned tips are the easiest means; incorporating which in your routine, you could accomplish your desired body.

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How to get abs in a week?

  • If you want to see the signs of your desire of getting abs in this short duration then you have to be hundred times more careful and focussed on everything; i.e., your diet, exercise etc. First of all, to remove the unnecessary fat layer from the abs and make it visible well; you need to cut off fat layer which can be done by avoiding diet which is containing carbohydrates; instead of that, you should intake diet rich in protein. This will burn your fat and will, in turn, provide the abdominal muscles with the necessary protein to grow well.

6 Pack Abs in a week

  • You must do the cardiovascular exercise for at least 30 minutes regularly and it would be best if you could do it for 60 minutes. It will really help you a lot, plus if you could involve certain activities like that of swimming or jogging or anything that is of your interest that could increase your heart rate then it is great. It will help you to lose out extra calories and burn fat and in turn, would enhance your metabolism.
  • Perform the exercises such as bicycle crunch, ball crunch, captain’s chair and vertical leg crunch. This will provide more exercise to your abdominal muscles so that it gets enhanced. Therefore do 2 sets of each with 90 seconds of break and 2 minutes break between the switching of sets.

Hence, by practising the mentioned tips, how to get abs or how to get six packs in 1 week, would not be a question of wonder any more.


As it is said that- ‘not just only dream for your desires; do work for it’. This is the true saying as till you do not put your 100% on the job you wanna achieve; your success will wave you from the other coast of the sea. Therefore if you want your ambition to be accomplished in the limited time; then you have to give your maximum and work hard in that period; so that you can reach the port of success which you’ve dreamt of.

Hence, above mentioned six packs tips in 30 days or weeks will for sure render to your path of desire and you need not have to worry about how to get six packs easily or bother yourself with roller coaster processes. In short, one of the best ways to maintain abs is encompassing 30% of the gym and 70% of the diet. Hence, we at andrescarriagetours conclude by saying – ‘the best abs exercise is 3 sets of not eating too much crap’.

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